maandag 27 december 2010

How many devices does it take to use a smartphone?

Yesterday published three articles for new smartphone owners. Specifically for new Windows Phone, iPhone and Android owners. They are "You Got a Windows Phone 7 For Christmas: Five Next Steps", "You Got an iPhone For Christmas: Five Next Steps" and "You Got an Android For Christmas: Five Next Steps" respectively. As the titles suggest, the new owners are given some tips on how to start using their new toy.

Let's look at the steps provided in each article. No, let's only look at the first thing each owner is advised to do. Windows Phone owners should start by installing Zune on their computer, so they can synchronise contacts and other information. iPhone owners must start by installing iTunes on their computer before they can do anything with their phone.

And Android owners? They provide their Gmail credentials and start using their phone. And that is how it should be. Using your phone has nothing to do with using your computer. Using your phone is about... well, using your phone.